Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That'll be 4 tickets, please

We're finally moving forward. I can't believe I finally get to type that.

The emotional infertility roller coaster continues. Monday was a definite low. It was an awful, depressing day. But then, when I went to the bathroom late Tuesday night before going to bed, I was spotting. Just a smidgen, but it was definitely spotting. And just like that, I was high again approaching the top of a steep incline. I went to bed, my ears buzzing with excitement that I could call Dr. PacMan and get things rolling again. This summer would not be an infertility waste. I would squeeze in one injectables/IUI cycle.

The next morning, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and lazily rolled over. Then I remembered the spotting! I sprung out of bed and raced to the bathroom. It was gone. Vanished. My enthusiasm deflated and I settled back into my "maybe" low.

I spent most of the morning checking for its return with no luck. Finally, I decided I'd just call the RE's office and see what they say. I left a message for a nurse and went back to puttering around the house, procrastinating about school work that needs to be finished (which is exactly what I'm doing again as I write this post) when the phone rang. It was the nurse and she said that spotting is spotting and the doctor said that this time around spotting counts as a period so it's on! The 81 day cycle is over! And, technically, it's not even a full season! Yesss! I gradually approach the top of the hill and throw my hands up to enjoy the ride!

First thing tomorrow morning, Mr. Jaguar and I go to the RE's office with our little cooler of drugs in tow to get my initial bloodwork done and learn how to administer injections. And my spotting has continued off and on over the last day or so to make me feel a little less broken than normal.

Today, things are looking up. Maybe this cycle will even work and I'll be able to leave the amusement park for good.


True Companions Plus One? said...

Yay for the spotting! I am so happy that it finally arrived and your RE is letting it count. Can't wait to hear more updates!

JenM said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better today and that you are ready to move on. Good luck with your injections class!

Echloe said...

I'm so glad for you.

kate said...


Stephanie said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you guys are able to move on with this cycle!!!