Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caravans and predictions

Yesterday morning I went to the RE’s office for my ultrasound and bloodwork. I have a 14 millimeter follicle! I can hardly believe it.

On a funny note, I had to go to my RE’s other office since it’s the only site open on Saturday. I had to be there between 7:15 and 8:30. That’s just disgusting. It’s about 35 minutes away and I have to drive on highways to get there. Ugh. I hate driving, especially when I don’t know where I’m going. So I get off at my exit and am navigating my way through several turns when I realize that the cars in front of me are making all the same turns as well as the car behind me. Next, we all park in the same lot. Then, we all go in the same door. Finally, we all sign in on the same clipboard and then get settled with our magazines, sleepily waiting to be called in for our various tests. There you have it, only infertile people get up that early on the weekend.

Mr. Jaguar and I ordered Chinese last night. After finishing up my meal, I cracked open my fortune cookie to find the following message: “Your present plans are going to succeed.” Hmm…I tucked it behind a magnet on my fridge. Just a little while ago, I noticed that my husband hadn’t eaten his cookie yet, so I decided to steal it. I opened it up and received this message: “You will be pleasantly surprised soon.” Hmm…I tucked it under the same magnet next to its sister fortune. So if I get a BFP this cycle, just remember, the Chinese called it first.

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