Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sitter #2, I heart you

So, after our douchey babysitter quit, we opted to go with the sitter who watches up to seven children at once, despite my anxiety over the many cooties BabyJaguar would catch (and he has, we're now on illness #3 since my return to work). And you know what? He.loves.it.there.

He loves being around all the kids. I am now considered quite boring in BabyJaguar's eyes as there is only one of me. I in no way can compete with the several tiny tots and bushels of toys that are at Nancy's house. It's true. And I'm okay with it. In fact, I'm happy about it because I know he's happy and well cared for.

And Super Sitter Nancy? She's great. Nancy's one of those people who is just meant to care for young children. She's so laidback and you can tell she enjoys the kids. Nancy took the time to talk with me on the phone, meet me in person and then meet BabyJaguar in person, too. And she was really sensitive to my concerns about how many children were there. She let me bring my own Pack'n'Play that is just for BabyJaguar where the other kids who are older share them. And Nancy always encourages me to call and check in whenever I want and she's just warm and fuzzy and lovey and all the things you want in a sitter.

She's so good that, sometimes, when I drop BabyJaguar off in the morning, I feel grossly inadequate as a mom as I watch her deftly care for four or five little ones at once and I, meanwhile, didn't manage to eat breakfast while just caring for my one, quite easygoing kid. But that's a good thing, too. It means my kid's in the right place.

The other thing that makes me really happy is that he's being raised in a home by a good family. Nancy has three children, all in their twenties, and when she's having a hectic day, they help out. Her own children are so nice and just naturals at caring for kids. I came in the one day to her twenty something son feeding one of the babies a bottle and just cooing away at the little guy, laughing and talking with him the whole time. It was adorable.

You know when you meet someone and they just immediately give off the "good people" vibe? That's what it is. They're a family of good people. Sure, we've had hiccups along the way: bibs that are MIA, a puppy eating a teething ring and that one time we realized another kid was drinking BabyJaguar's bottle of breastmilk, but the bottom line is, they're just hiccups. Those things are all small when I know that he's cared for by someone who truly cares about him.

I think Douchey Sitter #1 came into my life for a reason...to let me know when a really great sitter came along. If BabyJaguar had started off in Nancy's care from the beginning, I would've just thought that this is what all sitters are like. I wouldn't have known how special she is and how lucky I am that she came into my life. So, I guess I have to thank you, Douchey Sitter #1, for showing me what sucky daycare is really like. Your gross inadequacy at showing my child affection and attention is much appreciated.

And, as for you, Nancy, well, I big pink puffy heart you.