Monday, August 18, 2008

The flu and other stuff

I have lots to write but no computer to do it on. Apparently, my computer has a touch of a virus and has to go visit my brother-in-law to get cleaned up. Please pray for its speedy recovery. Right now, I'm typing from my public library where every other available computer is currently being used to access MySpace by local teenagers.

So unfortunately, I can only post the highlights for now:
  • I finished my two grad courses yesterday. I am officially 20% of the way done my Masters' program. Even better, my next course doesn't start until October 7.
  • My ovaries have been spending the bulk of their time kicking and pinching me for the last few days. Apparently, they're angered by the injectables and trying to show me who's boss. It's working; I fully believe that they are in fact the boss.
  • I had my first session at the counseling center this past Friday. They let me leave at the end of the appointment which I will take as a good sign. I am not a threat to society.
  • I got my teaching placement for this coming school year. I'm working in 5th grade which I am psyched about. My co-teacher....also infertile.


shawnandlarissa said...

Yay for finishing the classes!

Just Me said...

WOW!!! That is great that you will get to co-teach and that they will KNOW how you feel and what you are going through!!!

My master teacher is infertile like me too! ; )

JenM said...

Ugh, I hope your computer gets better soon. Yay for no classes until October!

My first two years in 5th grade, my partner had gone through IVF. Last year, when we were going through our IUIs, I had a Fertile Myrtle who got pregant her first try. Ugh. I'm glad you can have someone who will understand!