Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Wrap Up

Let's sum up the medical portion of my day...

Talk with orthodontist:
Yes, you can come in and we'll make you a new retainer but you have no coverage for the retainer or your appointment. We'll see you Monday! (says the receptionist in a voice entirely too chipper for the mood I'm in)

Talk with RE nurse:
What? You're on cycle day 69? (stifle the giggle that sneaks out even though I'm frustrated and cranky) No, I don't think that progesterone you took is going to work. I don't see a period in your near future. Come in for some more bloodwork and we'll give some more progesterone. Let's see what a second round of it does. Maybe the doctor will give you a higher dose.

Talk with Primary:
Yeah, you tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis. It's mild but it's positive. It could be nothing but we still need to get it checked out. You're going to need to see a rheumatologist. (Sweet Jesus)

Stick a fork in me, I'm done.


mrsblondies said...

It sounds like it been a rough day. I hope all the medical stuff gets sorted out soon.

Stephanie said...

Oh Jackie. I'm so sorry about all the shit coming your way lately. When I'm 'done'....I always say "I'm done like dinner." I'm sorry you're at stick a fork in me status. :( ((Hugs))

True Companions Plus One? said...

Oh wow Jackie, I'm sorry - that's so much to deal with. Hopefully they can at least nip the Arthritis quickly and easily. And good to know that insurace coverages fails in yet another arena :-(

JenM said...

Sounds like a rough day. I hope today was better. That is a lot to deal with at once!

kate said...

((hugs)) That is all I can offer. Maybe ((shoulder)) to cry on? I hope things start getting better soon.