Thursday, July 10, 2008

1300 hours

Tomorrow, cycle day 57, at 1:00 p.m., Mr. Jaguar and I have an appointment with the RE to move on to the next step. Injectables are on the horizon. I will take my last dose of progesterone tonight and hopefully will soon be out of this godforsaken cycle.

I'm nervous about the injectables. I'm nervous about my husband coming within 30 feet of me with a syringe. I'm nervous about my husband's enthusiasm for that task. I'm nervous about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I'm really nervous about multiples. Scared is more the word actually. In making the switch from Clomid to injectables, the risk of multiples goes from 5% to 20%. Yeah, you read that right. 20%. Wow. Twins? Okay, I could roll with that and pray that we would all be healthy. More than that? It's frightening to me. Way more than that? I'm scared about the possibility of having to make heartbreaking decisions. The idea of having to take life to give life is one of the saddest things I can imagine. When I read about the details of reducing a pregnancy, it makes my chest ache. I want to hug anyone who has had to make that painful decision.

I'm way ahead of my self seeing as I'm not pregnant with a singleton or multiples and haven't even started the shots. So I'm trying to think about what questions I have for Dr. PacMan.

1. Would metformin help me?
2. Why do you feel it's time to move on from the Clomid?
3. What are your thoughts on the persistent corpus luteum cyst? Is it likely to happen again?
4. Is there a way to confirm a persistent corpus luteum, like does it show up on an ultrasound or can we only rely on bloodwork?
5. What's the schedule and monitoring for injectables?
6. What are the risks and benefits of injectables?
7. What are the success rates of injectables for women with PCOS?
8. Can we start this cycle or do we need more time to get my meds and learn how to give the shots? (I'm hoping I don't have to wait another cycle.)

Am I missing anything? Please let me know if you think of anything else. Thanks.


Echloe said...

Sounds like you are well prepared. I'm gonna copy you and make a question list for my RE appointment tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

I hope your appt goes well. I too will be terrified of multiples if we ever move on to injectibles. I am praying for one healthy baby at a time! I hope that you get all of your questions answered and that you feel confident about taking this step forward.

Allison said...

Good luck! It sounds like you are well prepared with your list. I didn't know you had PCOS (#7). If so I would definitely ask question #1. My RE was nervous about putting me on injectables because of the higher rate of multiples and tried Metformin (even though I am not insulin resistant) and it helped me. So it may be worth a try. Good luck! I hope you get good answers from you RE!

CG said...

Your list covers almost everything. Just make sure they monitor you frquently as it is very easy for PCOS people to be over stimulated with injectables. Good luck.

True Companions Plus One? said...

Hey there! I think your list is pretty good. I'm sure others may come up as you're going through them, but it's a good start. As far as the injections go, they honestly aren't so bad. Once you get through with the first one, the anxiety is over ;-)

DH really wanted to do them as well since he can't really participate any other way in this other than just contributing his sperm haha It was nice to see him want to be involved - and it sounds like your DH does as well!

But, I also like to be in control, so I had to make sure I could do them myself as well - just to know I could. I wish you the best of luck - they're aren't really all that bad, honest! ;-)