Saturday, July 25, 2009

Masters watch '09

I am slated to complete my final masters courses in seven days!!! I have two papers to go! However, in an effort to have five extra days with BabyJaguar classwork-free, I have begun the final paper first. This way, I will complete the paper that is due sooner last, being forced to finish all of my work by TOMORROW when the first paper is due at midnight! The finish line is in sight! I'm almost done one of the papers and then I've got one to go....

Right now, all I have left is bullsh!t reflection stuff. And if you're one of my professors who in some freakish scenario is infertile, stumbles upon my blog and figures out my true identity, then by "bullsh!t reflection stuff" what I really mean is "time to meaningfully look back on the knowledge and insight I have gained over these past eight extraordinary weeks stuff".