Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July fail

So the 4th of July rolls around. The husband is running in my town's 4 mile race which is first thing in the morning, right before the parade. BabyJaguar and I had had a rough night. Technically, he had slept through the night making it just shy of six hours straight, but.....then he didn't go back to sleep. So we'd both been up since 4 a.m. If that's sleeping through the night, I say "no thank you". I'll take waking up every few hours over that any day. So I rush BabyJaguar and I to the parade, arriving at the last minute to meet up with friends. I was self-conscious of my outfit since I wasn't even a little patriotic but dismissed it thinking that people would let me slide since I'm a mom with a young baby, right? I didn't even have a super cute 4th outfit for BabyJaguar. Whatever, I got there and that's what matters, right? Right? Right?!

Wrong. My friend, Kristen, is there gloriously put together with her 6 month old daughter. Her baby is in an adorable stars and stripes outfit with matching bonnet. Mommy is in a cute red shirt, navy and white striped cardigan, perfectly fitted capris and red white and blue shoes.

Red white and blue shoes?!?! She even had on red white and blue shoes?!?!

Yes, red white and blue shoes. And you know what? They were stinking adorable. Navy with tiny white polka dots and red trim. The little ballet flat style but they're canvas sneakerish instead.

Man, I dropped the mommy ball. Look out for me next year. My son will be dressed as Uncle Sam, I'll be Betsy Ross, my stroller will look like an American flag and I'll have goddamn sparklers in my hair.

Freakin' red white and blue shoes....


kate said...

Hahahaha! We didn't get "dressed" for the fourth until 9:00 at night so don't feel too bad. Those silly overachiers make us all feel horrible.

Amy said...

Red, white and blue shoes?? Can we say a little overboard??

Don't feel bad...I wore blue jeans and a black and blue shirt...nothing patriotic. And the only reason Lexi had a 4th of July outfit and bib, was because her grandma bought it for her!

Serendipite said...

I will never understand people like that. The way I see it, people are lucky if I show up at all, and I don't even have a kid yet. I say find another parent who didn't get dressed in head to toe red white and blue, grab some booze, sit in the corner and gossip about perfect mom.

Erica said...

LMAO Jacki!!! Too funny. :)

Liddy said...

Jacki, I mentioned you the round up extravaganza. It was my pick as one of my favorite posts this past year.

Here is what I wrote:
Just Trying to Make a Cub: Imposter! Why: I sobbed the entire time I reading this post. A beautiful post that compares the 3-day walk with infertility and how we will wait until everyone makes it to the finish line. Note: Grab your tissues before you start reading, it is an extremely moving post.

Stephanie said...

Don't feel bad! We didn't even go to the parade or the fireworks. I did find some red & blue striped onesies in the closet...that were a size too big but I put them on anyways, just to take a picture. I wore nothing festive at all that day. Hell, most of my clothes still don't even fit me, so on any given day I don't look very put together. I vote that red white and blue farking shoes are a little much. ;)