Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My son, my superhero

So BabyJaguar has some super powers. Three to be exact.

1) Thermal sensors....he can sense when there is hot food within 30 feet that his mother intends to eat (preferably while it is still hot) at which point he will cry and demand to be fed.

2) Horizontal sensors...he can sense when his mother has transitioned from upright to horizontal and will then immediately begin to cry.

3) Super poop shooting skills... he has the ability to cover everything in the immediate vicinity in poop while avoiding soiling his own clothes. More on that later. It is so impressive it warrants its own post.


kate said...

Ooo, the baby over on this end has the same superpowers - except #3 (thank goodness!)

Stephanie said...

LOL! #3 is scary stuff! We had a lot of that going on in the first few weeks but now they just seem to be having major diaper blow outs almost every day...those are no fun b/c they DO get coated in poop, ick!

Erica said...

Cute post, Jacki. I LOVE the pic of Ben with the monkey!!! I'm so happy to read that you're enjoying motherhood - I totally knew you'd be a natural. :)

Official end of 1st tri is tomorrow - 13 weeks here I come!