Thursday, March 26, 2009

Counting down

50 days to go.

I can't even believe it. In one sense, I'm excited to be somewhat close to the homestretch. Not quite in it yet, but certainly getting closer. It's so weird and overwhelming to imagine meeting Ben, seeing if he has my eyes or his dad's smile or just doesn't look like a big, hairy wookie.

In another sense, I can't believe I still have 50 days left to carry Ben around on the inside. This child is seeming quite large these days. I read in one of my books last week that he would double in size between now and 40 weeks and I actually almost cried at the thought.

And in another sense, I am absolutely terrified that in 50 days, I'm going to attempt (hopefully successfully) to shove a baby out of my vagina. I find no comfort in the gaggles of women who have done this before me. None at all.


Erica said...

Repeat after me - epidural. Epidural, epidural...

Did I even spell that right?

Stephanie said...

I know the feeling. I'm freaking out too. I am so excited to meet these babies, but I'm also scared shitless about attemping to push two of them out. I worry that after the first one comes out I'll be too tired and in too much pain to get the 2nd one out. The thought of having 2 newborns to take care of and that are going to rely on me 100% is such a strange feeling too. It's all just so crazy!