Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A change is gonna come

I started testing early. I had peed out the trigger shot within six days and honestly, peeing on sticks became a part of my morning routine. I'm economical about it. I use the dollar store tests. On Tuesday, the first day of school for teachers, at 10 days post ovulation and 11 days post IUI, I peed in my trusty cup just like most mornings. I tested in the upstairs bathroom that day (sometimes I can't make it to the downstairs bathroom and so there are tests and cups available in all of my facilities).

I collected.

I used the dropper to place my pee on the test.

I waited.

I stared.

I looked away. Y'know, because a watched pot never boils.

I stared again.

One line appeared.

Bummer. Mentally, I started thinking about what I had to do next for the day. After months of only teaching summer school where I have full permission to look like a complete scrub, I was out of practice as to how to go about my morning routine. I decided to start by cleaning up the pee test trash.

Wait a minute. Is that something? I think that's a line. I picked up the test and stared at it intensely. That's something. I squinted. I think it's definitely something. The light in my upstairs bathroom sucks a big one so I took it to the lamp on my night table which is so bright I could perform surgery under it. That is so a line. A faint line, but very much a line.

I would love to say that I cried or shrieked with joy. Thanked God. Rushed to the phone to call my husband. But I didn't. You know that face a dog makes when it hears a funny sound or sees something strange? Cocks its head to the side with that confused face? That was me. The only words out of my mouth:


I stashed the pee cup and two more pregnancy tests for the road in my purse.

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Stephanie said...

I had that moment too with that first line.....there was no celebration really just a...hmmm, that's a line. It's crazy all the emotions you go through. I am SO excited and happy for you Jacki!!