Sunday, May 2, 2010

Banana Sunday

These days, I usually start my morning by pumping one breast before getting Ben from his room and then I feed him on the other. I have a manual pump that I use just for mornings. Its portability seems to make life a bit simpler.

Today, Ben woke up early and was ready to get out of his crib before I pumped. I obliged, fed him and then crept out of my room with Ben on my hip and the pump in my hand. I figured Mr. Jaguar could sleep in a bit.

Once in the den, I put Ben down on the floor and got settled to pump. Well, Ben went bananas. Bananas. He was so intently looking at my boob and howling. It was quite clear that he did not want me to pump. I tried anyway. He continued to go nuts. I finally gave in, put the pump down and nursed the boy again. He snuggled in and was completely content.

Ten minutes later, he unlatched and sat up. Are you ready for what he did next? You won't even believe me.

He handed me the pump.


Searching for Serenity said...

That is certainly a blogworthy story. One to remember.

You've got a sassy smartypants on your hands! LOL

Alicia said...

What an amazing boy you have!