Friday, February 19, 2010

Caution: wide load

My baby weight is gone, as well as some of my just-husky-in-general weight and this pleases me. I will be the first to admit that I have done absolutely nothing to make this happen except nurse and so I make no effort to take any credit for this loss, but still, I'm happy it's gone.

However, my current body is quite different from my previous body. There's more jiggling involved. And a thicker middle. And my arms look their best ever. And my butt is gone. It's just flat and weird. So now most of my clothes fit differently and I'm working with the new me, adjusting to this similar but just different enough to make my old wardrobe tricky body.

I weigh myself a lot because it feels kinda good to see the number. It could be even lower but it's good. I admit the weighing frequency may be (definitely is) a bit compulsive. A few days ago, I learned that I should just stick to weighing myself and not get carried away.

Are you ready?

I tried on my bathing suit.

It was a really bad idea. Like one of my worst ones ever. Like when I thought it would be funny to let the cat play with a large piece of masking tape bad (in my defense, I just wasn't thinking).

I truly thought, I can't look that bad in a bathing suit, right?


It was alarming and scary and wide.


Serendipite said...

Ack! I can't even imagine. H+P!!!

shawnandlarissa said...

That is one thing I have not been brave enough to do (that and all my pretty lingerie)

Searching for Serenity said...


Pumping, as much as I hate it, has been the best thing for dropping the weight. I'm 5 lbs lighter than my pre-preggo weight. But it's different. My butt is flat and I've lost weight in odd places. Any my clothes make me look like a slob..

And you know what? I pulled out all my swimsuits last weekend. Uffda. Scary stuff.

Way to go!!