Saturday, February 14, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day

Before I begin this post, you should know that these words are not all mine. In fact, most of them are not. This post was created after several wonderful nesties spoke of the important stuff, both big and small, that their spouses do to help them survive and manage this adventure called infertility. So here goes…

This is for our other halves…our husbands, partners and lovers. Infertility is one hell of a ride and, without you, we may have demanded to be let off this crazy roller coaster early. While nobody can be all of the things on this list all of the time, you sure are a lot of them…

This is for the ones who join us on the couch for the sobfest. They listen for as long as we need and manage to say exactly what we need to hear.

The ones who exude positivity.

The ones who bring us Cheetos….or whatever else may be the snack du jour.

The ones who ask the doctor questions other men can’t even imagine speaking aloud.

The ones who cook for us on the nights we’d just as soon starve than get off the couch.

The ones who arrange their work and social schedules around injections, even when we could easily give ourselves the shot.

The ones who support our dreams.

The ones who aren’t embarrassed to talk to others about infertility.

The ones who know how to read our charts.

The ones who don’t speak of their fear of needles even though we know it’s true.

The ones who keep a cool head when our heads have exploded.

The ones who get up early after working late just to go with us to have blood drawn or an ultrasound.

The ones with the endless supply of hugs.

The ones who never laugh at any of the kooky ideas we’re willing to try to get pregnant.

The ones who are all too familiar with the sterile cup.

The ones who answer the phone when we know it's news from the RE's office and we just can't bear to hear it firsthand.

The ones who never comment on the extra mileage on the car because the RE’s office is an hour drive one way.

The ones who feel sad about our bruises.

The ones who are our endless cheerleaders.

The ones who don’t ever want us to feel alone on this crazy journey.

The ones who make us laugh…and laugh…and laugh.

The ones who show up for the IUIs.

The ones who know when the only thing they can do is hug us.

The ones who come to the endless appointments.

The ones who show up at those appointments with their questions written down ahead of time.

The ones who remind us to take our temp.

The ones who know just when to bring us flowers.

The ones who don’t point out when we’re having an irrational moment.

The ones who have the serious talks even when we know they don’t want to.

The ones who visit the dirty magazines room without complaint.

The ones who take their vitamins.

The ones who watch their alcohol and caffeine intake.

The ones who tell us we’re beautiful, regardless of our infertility weight gain.

The ones who bring us a little something special when we get our periods.

The ones who weather the moodiness of infertility meds like a champ.

The ones who love us unconditionally even though we feel “broken”.

The ones who don’t complain.

The ones who know when to cuddle up next to us for the pity party and when we need our space.

The ones who pack the igloo cooler for the day when we’re on bedrest.

The ones who are always there.

The ones who would rather be infertile with us than fertile with someone else.

The ones who will do whatever it takes.

The ones who one day will be the most amazing fathers.

Need something added to the list? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to do some editing.

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JackieMac said...

Ohh I love this - I am going to share it with my hubby tonight